The obvious, and the not so obvious Tips & Tricks for maintaining healthy extension hair.

We all know hair extensions are pretty much the best thing ever, but they are definitely an investment.

Keeping up with your extension maintenance is key to getting the most out of your hair.

I’ve compiled my must-do list of tips & tricks for caring for your extensions. The obvious, and the not so obvious.

The Real Deal:

Tape ins, Beaded Wefts, Hand Tied Wefts, Fusion and Micro Beaded– these methods obviously require a lot more maintenance and commitment than Clip Ins. Let’s start with the basics..

  • Make sure you are going to a certified extensions specialist to install & move up these types of methods. Check our Stylist page to find someone in your area that is certified with Bombshell Extensions.

  • Schedule all your “move ups” ahead of time so you don’t end up going to long and damaging your hair.

  • Replace your extension hair when necessary (generally every 6 months if you take care of them)

  • Do not wash everyday & never use conditioner at your root. This causes the extensions to slide down the hair.

  • Use our Bombshell Extensions hairbrush specifically for hair extensions.

  • Use a good leave in conditioner / oil from the mid shaft of the extensions to the ends. This will help keep your hair feeling hydrated!

  • If you are a crazy sleeper- sleep with your hair in a low loose ponytail or loose braid to avoid matting.

  • Use a silk pillowcase.

The Secret to Success:

Over time, I’ve found the little things that are totally game-changer tips to making sure my extensions (all methods) stay feeling like they are brand new. See below!

  • Static & Frizz Sheets- Extensions tend to get REAL staticky (definitely not a word), when they are freshly washed / in the winter. These sheets will change your life. IGK & Ouai both make amazing ones.

  • Matting- its no joke. To avoid it, at least once a day run your fingers through your hair from roots-ends. This helps to break up any bonds/tapes that might be starting to stick together.

  • Clip ins– wash them at least once every 2 weeks. Spray them with a leave in or run a serum through them, and lay them out flat to air dry.

  • Vacation time? That doesn’t mean take a vacay from your extensions. If you plan on going in the pool, ocean, lake, really any type of water other than the shower- please please please coat your hair in a conditioner or oil. We don’t recommend getting your hair wet in the ocean, river, lake, etc.  We don’t know what chemicals/minerals are in the water and sometimes it can do real funky things to the color of your extensions.

  • It’s no secret we need to deep condition, but what’s the point if you’re not using a mask that works well with extensions? Meet inphenom. By far the best deep conditioning treatment for you & your extensions.

  • Blondies- if you like that ashy/cool blonde, but you feel like your hair is starting to turn yellow? Start using a purple conditioner once a week. Or once every other week. Gem Lights in Flawless Diamond is my go to.

  • Ponytail girls- Some elastics rip out hair from your head/extensions. Get yourself hair bungees. They make creating a thick/voluminous ponytail A LOT easier without damaging the extensions.

  • Silk pillowcase. Think of it as an anti-aging product for your extensions. Slip Pillowcase is the best on the market.

  • If you like texture, that’s great..I do too! BUT, if you’re going to tease your hair all over, make sure to brush it out before you go to bed.

  • And that last tip reminds me..when you are brushing your hair, hold at the root where the bond/weft/ or tape is! Ripping down on your hair is not helping anyone ☺

Well there you have it. Follow these tips & tricks to help keep your Bombshell Extensions looking FRESH.

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